HANOI, Sept 8 — The Vietnamese Health Ministry has issued guidance on the wearing of masks in public places for COVID-19 prevention and control, clarifying to who and where it is a must.

The ministry underlined that wearing face masks in public places is an effective measure to protect people’s health, especially those with underlying diseases, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

Accordingly, everyone, except children under five years old going to public places in an area where the pandemic level is declared at Level 3 or 4, must wear masks. 

Wearing masks is also compulsory in medical facilities and accommodation hosting people undertaking medical quarantine or supervision.

Under the guidance, people are also requested to wear face masks indoors including public transportation vehicles, trade centres, supermarkets, traditional markets, closed spaces and poorly ventilated places such as bars, discos, karaoke, beauty salons, gyms, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and studios.

Staff in offices for dossier receipts and transaction places must also wear masks when directly contacting customers.


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