KOTA BHARU, Sept 30 — Residents in low-lying and flood-risk areas in Kelantan are advised to be on alert and to make the necessary preparations for the eventuality of floods with the approaching Northeast Monsoon season.

 Malaysian Civil Defense Force  (APM)  Kelantan director Mohd Adzhar Mujab said they should be prepared to evacuate when the need arose.

“Residents are also advised not to easily believe unverified information or news, especially on floods, as it can cause anxiety among the public,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Mohd Adzhar said a total of 1,349 APM personnel, including officers, in Kelantan, had been placed on standby for the possibility of floods, as well as 84 boats, 16 lorries, 14 four-wheel drive vehicles and 13 ambulances.

He said a series of skills training involving the APM personnel and the local community had been held in preparation for the flood situation.


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