JEMPOL, Oct 7 — The Negeri Sembilan edition of the Keluarga Malaysia Aspirations (AKM) Tour opened its doors today until Sunday at Dataran Seri Jempol, here, with various interesting programmes and activities lined up for visitors.

Themed ‘Keluarga Sihat Malaysia Ku Sejahtera’ (Healthy Families For A Prosperous Malaysia), the 10th edition of the AKM Tour is scheduled to be launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob tomorrow at 3 pm.

Some 120,000 visitors are expected to show up for the event which provides more than 100 booths run by small and medium entrepreneurs, as well as food trucks and Citarasa Keluarga Malaysia booth.

Ministry of Health (MOH) secretary-general Datuk Harjeet Singh told Bernama recently that a futuristic hospital model would be featured by the ministry as something different at the three-day AKM Tour which would give the public the opportunity to experience what it would be like in such a hospital that used a sophisticated system and technology unseen before.

The MOH as the prime mover of this event would also encourage the entrepreneurs to organise health-driven activities, in line with the ministry’s mission of promoting a culture of healthy living practices among the people.

Meanwhile, Negeri Sembilan Health Department director Datuk Dr Harlina Abd Rashid said more than 300 MOH staff were being mobilised throughout the three days of the programme which was also held in parallel with the Agenda Nasional Malaysia Sihat (ANMS).

“More than 100 activities have also been planned for various age groups including wellness on wheel, people’s sports and a health screening zone where visitors can have eye, mouth and cancer screenings by medical experts as well as mobile dental clinic.

“A week before AKM, we have carried out ‘gotong-royong’ in all districts to promote AKM,” she told Bernama. 

There would be the Karnival Jamin Kerjaya Keluarga Malaysia which would offer 4,132 jobs, with a total of 27 employers having confirmed their participation. 

A free shuttle bus service to facilitate public visits to the event will be available at four locations, namely Palong Felda Jaya; Bahau-Felda Jaya; Sg Lui-Felda Jaya and Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Jempol- Dataran Sri Jempol.

 The Kenduri Sekampung (Village Feast) programme organised in conjunction with the AKM Tour will serve traditional Negeri Sembilan cuisine and some 20,000 visitors are expected to be at the venue at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Palong 7 this Saturday.

The special thing about the event is most of the food served would be prepared by the villagers themselves through a ‘gotong-royong’.

The AKM Tour is a continuation of the successful organisation of the 100-Day AKM programme at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from Dec 9 to 12 last year.


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