KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — The RM372.3 billion allocation for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) in Budget 2023 will allow the ministry to implement various strategic and targeted initiatives to boost the country’s food security throughout the economic recovery period which is expected to be more challenging next year.

Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said MAFI would continue to play an important role in implementing Budget 2023 efficiently to ensure continuity along the agro-food chain and sub-sectors so that there is continuous supply of safe and nutritious food.

“Through Budget 2023 MAFI  will continue to prioritise the interests and socioeconomic well-being of all target groups including padi growers, farmers, breeders, fishermen and agro-food industry workers.

“The role of the agro-food sector’s frontliners will continue to be strengthened in ensuring the well-being of the Malaysian Family, in addition to contributing to the country’s economic growth in line with the responsive, responsible and reformist Budget 2023 agenda,” he said in a statement today.

Meanwhile, the allocation for the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) in the 2023 Budget covers aspects of skill training improvements, employment incentives and social protection.

In a statement, KSM said through the budget the ministry would continue the existing initiatives and mobilise new resources to ensure that the workforce is ready to face Industrial Revolution 4.0.

“KSM will empower the country’s human capital by training 800,000 workers with the funds through HRD Corp to support development efforts through more upskilling and reskilling programmes,” read the statement.


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