ALOR SETAR, Oct 10 — The water level of Sungai Padang Terap in Kampung Kubu in the Padang Terap district continued to exceed the danger level at 14.07 metres (m) as at 8 am today compared to 13.79m yesterday.

Kedah Civil Defence Force (APM) Disaster Management Committee Secretariat head, Major (PA) Muhammad Suhaimi Mohd Zain, said it was far beyond the set danger level of 13.02m.

He said the increase in the water level was due to rain in surrounding areas last night.

“Meanwhile, three rivers in three districts are still recording water levels above the warning level, namely Sungai Perik in Padang Terap district (11.76m); Sungai Anak Bukit in Kota Setar (2.29m) and Beris Dam in Sik (84.10m),” he told Bernama today.

In the meantime, Muhammad Suhaimi said 154 flood victims from 49 families are still taking shelter at the temporary evacuation centre at Kompleks Rakan Muda in Baling district this morning.

“A total of 28 villages were affected by floods, including Kampung Temusu, Kampung Dusun, Kampung Iboi, Kampung Memali, Kampung Tualang and several other villages located near the river area,” he said.


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