HANGZHOU, Feb 2 — About 75,000 merchants at the Yiwu International Trade Market in Yiwu City, east China’s Zhejiang Province, on Thursday welcomed their first business day in the Year of the Rabbit.

With an abundant variety of commodities, convenient and fast logistics, and a good business environment, Yiwu is often referred to as “the world’s supermarket.”

Lu Qingrong, who owns a toy store in Yiwu, said that the store has received orders scheduled until June, and it is estimated that sales this year will increase 30 percent from the previous two years.

The factory operated by Bonas, a local women’s stockings brand, is fully operational. During the pandemic, the company strengthened its R&D investment, undertook the digital transformation of the workshop, and improved its market competitiveness by launching new products and improving quality and efficiency.

Its growth rate over the past three years has been maintained at approximately 10 percent, said Huang Zuqun, president of the company.

Various supporting services of the industrial chain involved in Yiwu market operation, such as logistics, express delivery, e-commerce and other industries, have been readied for the reopening. 


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