BANGKOK,  March 1 — The United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) awarded a grant to Thailand’s Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) for technical assistance to strengthen the country’s supply chain network and advance the decarbonisation of its freight transportation system. 

USTDA’s assistance will support the development of intermodal and logistics infrastructure that facilitates the shift of freight transportation from road to rail.

USTDA’s Director Enoh T. Ebong said the project would reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve road safety, and increase the efficiency of Thailand’s transportation infrastructure. 

“Our partnership with the Ministry of Transport will support Thailand’s efforts to establish itself as a regional transportation and logistics hub, and provide opportunities for United States companies to participate in one of Southeast Asia’s most significant clean transportation initiatives,” she said in a statement. 

OTP is a department under the Transport Ministry.

USTDA said the assistance would help to identify infrastructure, technology, and operational improvements to strengthen Thailand’s intermodal transportation system. 

“It will also prepare technical designs for specific intermodal facilities that can serve as a proof of concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrated freight operations between road and rail carriers,” it said.

Meanwhile, Thai Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said the ministry is promoting intermodal and logistics systems to efficiently utilise all modes of transport in order to develop Thailand into a regional transportation hub.

“This project will be a crucial step in achieving our success,” he said.

Director-general of OTP Dr. Punya Chupanit said the project would assist Thailand to further promote the modal shift with the ultimate goal of becoming a regional transportation and logistics hub. 

“The assistance will identify crucial infrastructure and operational developments to enhance Thailand’s transport and logistics efficiency, lessen emissions and improve road safety. Our partnership will be the beginning of a great collaboration,” he said. 


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