ATHENS/TEMPI (Greece), March 3 – The death toll in late Tuesday’s northern Greece train crash has climbed to 57, with at least 10 people still missing.

Rescue workers, including firefighters, are searching for survivors after passenger train carrying more than 350 people collided with a freight train in the town of Tempi, near the city of Larissa, causing the front carriages to derail and burst into flames.

At least 14 more charred bodies were recovered Thursday, Rubini Leontari, head of the forensic service in the northern city of Larissa, told local broadcaster Real FM.

Some carriages were entirely engulfed in flames, with rescuers fearing that most of the missing bodies were trapped there.

At least 72 injured passengers were hospitalised, with 15 of them having been discharged, it added. According to the latest information, six intubated patients remain in critical condition.

The victims include nine railway employees and university students returning to school in the northern port city of Thessaloniki from Larissa and Athens.

Psychologists were also sent to the Larissa General Hospital to provide support to the families of the victims and passengers.


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