KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 22 — Employers are urged to comply with the Employment Act 1955 (Act 265) following complaints by some workers that they have not received wages or have had wages withheld from them.

Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar said unpaid or withheld wages are one of the 11 indicators of forced labour as described by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

He said the ministry is always working to address problems, especially forced labour, and find different mechanisms to solve issues that arise.

 “Regarding late or withheld wages, improving employers’ compliance with wage payments through bank accounts is one of the mechanisms to monitor the capacity of every employer in our country.

“The instructions for the payment of wages through bank accounts have long been stipulated in Act 265,” he told a press conference here today.

He said payment of wages in cash or cheque can only be done at the request of the employee and with permission from the Director General of the Department of Labor of Peninsular Malaysia as stated under Section 25A(1) of the same law.

“ Any employer who does not make salary payments through the bank account as stipulated is considered to have committed an offence and if convicted may be fined not more than RM50,000,” he added.

In a separate development, Sivakumar said four families affected by the plane crash along the Guthrie Corridor Expressway near Persiaran Elmina have yet to receive financial aid.

“The Social Security Organisation (Socso) had reached out to the families, but they are still mourning and not ready to meet officials. 

“Socso will give them time and whenever they are ready, we will give them the financial aid for which they are eligible,” he said.

The Beechcraft 390 Premier 1 aircraft flying from Langkawi to Subang crashed onto the Guthrie Highway at about 2.50 pm on Aug 17, killing all eight people on board, including Pahang state executive councillor Datuk Seri Johari Harun.

An e-hailing driver and a p-hailing rider on the highway were also killed in the tragic incident. 


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