MACHANG, Sept 28 — The Kelantan Road Transport Department (JPJ) seized 422 vehicles during the Special Motorcycle Operation from Sept 1 until yesterday.

Kelantan JPJ deputy director Nazili Kadir said of the total, 151 motorcycles seized were operated by Bangladeshi and Rohingya ethnic individuals.

“Throughout the operation, 14,163 vehicles were inspected, of which 2,053 vehicles were subjected to action, 422 were seized and 5,015 summonses were issued,” he told a press conference after the operation at the JPJ Enforcement Station in Labok last night.

Nazili said the operation aimed to monitor, detect and take action against motorcycle riders and owners who committed offences under the Road Transport Act 1987 and its regulations.

“This operation also focused on offences related to driver’s licences, vehicle licences, traffic signal violations, modifications and illegal racing,” he said.

He advised the local community not to rent or lend their vehicles to foreigners, as it is an offence that could lead to legal consequences.

“When foreigners who drive without a valid licence are involved in an accident, it makes insurance claims difficult,” he said.


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