KOTA BHARU, Nov 8 — There are still many women who have yet to register for the Social Security Organisation’s (Socso) Housewives’ Social Security Scheme (SKSSR), despite the fact that it provides various benefits to the group, said Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar.

He said that as of October, 197,000 women had signed up for the scheme, however, of that number, 166,000 were registered based on the e-Kasih database.

“The rest registered voluntarily. This year, RM20 million has been allocated by the government for the scheme.

“In Budget 2024, the government has allocated some RM50 million for the SKSSR, which will benefit about 400,000 new contributors,” he told reporters after attending his ministry’s Hari Bertemu Pelanggan programme here today.

Sivakumar said that despite the increase in allocation, SKSSR could not depend solely on government funding.

“… anyone, including husbands and children, can contribute (on behalf of their wives or mothers).

“In fact, non-governmental organisations can organise a programme with Socso to promote SKSSR and get sponsorship for this scheme,” he said.

SKSSR was introduced to provide social security protection to housewives against domestic injury and invalidity while managing the household.

Eligible housewives only need to pay a contribution of RM120 per year in advance to receive 12 consecutive months of coverage.


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