KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 — In conjunction with World Children’s Day today, Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Johari Abdul prayed for all children, especially those in the Gaza Strip, would be protected from any form of cruelty.

That was conveyed in his speech at the start of the Dewan Rakyat session today.

According to him, as of today, more than 700,000 children in the Gaza Strip have lost their homes, more than 4,600 people lost their lives and almost 9,000 others are injured.

“Today, the 20th of November 2023, the world celebrates International Children’s Day, an important date for all of us to renew our resolve to protect children’s rights based on the 1995 Convention on the Rights of the Child, especially in relation to the rights of the child, which are the right to survival, the right to protection, the right to development and the right to participation,” he said.

Johari also reminded members of the August House, trustees of the child, including parents and teachers in the country to ensure that children grow up free from discrimination, violence and exploitation in a safe and prosperous environment.

He said that in conjunction with World Children’s Day, an exhibition is being held at the Main Lobby of Parliament, while the World Children’s Day celebration will be held at the Parliament Foyer at 1 am today.


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