KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — Former health minister, Datuk Chua Jui Meng will always be remembered as not only an effective minister but an erstwhile reformist who stuck with PKR during tough times, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said today.

The prime minister paid tribute to his friend of almost 40 years, reminiscing about Chua’s great contributions to the country when serving as Health Minister and their long friendship that spanned Chua’s tenure as MP, MCA chief and PKR vice-president, to reporters gathered at the Kuala Lumpur Full Gospel Assembly Church after Anwar paid his respects here today.

“During tough times in our (PRK) struggle, we grew closer as he was always there, helping and assisting as a Keadilan leader and a crucial reformist.

“He showed determination, spirit and his dedication to the party, and that’s why we feel the loss of a friend and reform champion in the country so keenly,” he said.

Anwar arrived at the church at 4.28 pm and signed the condolences book before spending around 20 minutes with Chua’s family.

Chua, 80, passed away at Serdang Hospital on Sunday afternoon, leaving behind his wife, Honey Wong Nyet Lan, and five children.

Chua left MCA and joined PKR in 2009, and was appointed vice-president after spending a year in the party.


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