KUALA LUMPUR, Feb. 12 – The polling station at the World Trade Centre (WTC) here for Indonesians to vote in conjunction with the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) on Wednesday (Feb 14) is the biggest polling station for overseas Indonesians globally, said the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia, Datuk Hermono.

Speaking to reporters after casting his vote at an early polling station at WTC on Sunday, he said all election workers are ready to serve Indonesians in Malaysia to exercise their voting rights as citizens.

“This year (this election), we learned from the previous election (2019) and minimised (reduced) the misuse of ballot papers,” he said.

Meanwhile, a source from the embassy encountered at WTC told BERNAMA that recent allegations of ballot paper misuse through videos circulated by certain parties have not yet been proven and the matter is being investigated by the relevant authorities.

All 130 Indonesian embassies abroad are said to also open polling stations for Indonesians living abroad.

Six polling stations were opened across Malaysia on Sunday for the early voting process for Indonesians in Malaysia who are registered as voters.

The polling station at WTC Kuala Lumpur involves 222,945 voters, Johor Bahru (2,684), Penang (5,375), Kota Kinabalu (2,811), Tawau (20,247), and Kuching (2,988).

Elections in Malaysia often receive attention in Indonesia because it involves the largest number of overseas voters.

Based on previous reports for this election, the number of registered voters in Malaysia is about 47.55 per cent of the total 1.75 million Indonesian overseas voters worldwide.

About 240 million Indonesians will vote in the 2024 General Election on Wednesday to choose the president, vice president, members of the People’s Consultative Assembly, and representatives for local legislative bodies.


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