NEW YORK, Feb 24 – A recent survey showed that 51 per cent of registered US voters expressed their intention to vote for the Republican Party candidate and former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election, while 49 per cent favoured Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Marquette Law School unveiled the final results of a survey conducted from Feb 5 to 15, which shed light on the standing of candidates for the upcoming presidential election slated for Nov 5, Anadolu Agency reported.

Survey participants noted that if the presidential candidate were former United Nations Ambassador and former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley, 58 per cent would support the Republican Party, while Biden’s support would decrease to 42 per cent in this equation.

When asked about their preference for the Republican Party’s presidential candidate, 73 per cent of undecided voters chose Trump, while 15 per cent opted for Haley.

Despite those favouring Biden having a 66 per cent advantage in the survey question about the Democratic primaries, it was noted that 27 per cent of voters remained undecided.

Furthermore, voters stated that they trusted Trump more on issues related to immigration, border security, and the economy, whereas they leaned towards Biden on matters concerning abortion policy, healthcare, and social security services.


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