NEW YORK, March 4 – Former US President Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the latest primaries held in the states of Michigan, Idaho and Missouri as he vies to be the Republican Party’s nominee for the 2024 election.

Trump is widening the gap in the nomination race against his party rival, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, Anadolu Agency reported.

In the Michigan primary, he won with 68 per cent of the vote, while Haley, his closest competitor, got 27 per cent.

Similarly, in Idaho’s primary election, Trump achieved a significant lead over Haley, securing victory with 85 per cent of the vote compared to Haley’s 13 per cent.

In Missouri, he won every county caucus in the state.

The wins bring Trump’s delegate count to 247 nationwide, while Haley has 24.

“Super Tuesday,” when voters in 15 states choose their candidate for each party, is considered one of the most critical days in the presidential race.

Following these primaries on March 5, the situation regarding the presidential candidates is expected to become much clearer.


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