YANGON, April 2 – A total of 807 cross-border telecom scam suspects were captured in a recent operation launched by Chinese and Myanmar police, showcasing that the two countries’ resolute joint efforts to fight the crime are being further deepened.

China’s Ministry of Public Security disclosed details of the latest operation on Monday, describing it as another significant achievement in law enforcement cooperation.

Based on clues provided by Chinese authorities, Myanmar police went to the Muse area, a key border gateway, to dismantle the hideouts and catch the suspects, the ministry said.

It noted that this was the first time that police from the two countries had worked together in that area.

Among the suspects were 352 Chinese nationals, including 21 alleged ringleaders. They were transferred to Chinese police on Sunday for further investigation, and a large number of instruments used in the scam, including computers and mobile phones, were confiscated, the ministry said.

Since the beginning of last year, the Chinese ministry has continuously advanced such cooperation with law enforcement agencies in Myanmar in response to the severe challenges posed by telecom fraud that targets China from northern Myanmar.

So far, about 48,000 Chinese suspects have been handed over to Chinese police for further judicial procedures, and the grim situation of the cross-border telecom scam has been effectively eased, according to the ministry.

Calling telecom fraud a global challenge for law enforcement and clarifying that international cooperation is an overarching trend, the ministry pledged to maintain the momentum against the crime with relevant countries and regions.


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