KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 – Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has cautioned civil servants who will receive Aidilfitri Special Financial Assistance (BKK) and recipients of Rahmah Cash Contribution (STR) not to fall for online scam syndicates.

Fahmi said he did not want unscrupulous parties to take advantage of the good news for the people.

“I plead from my heart, please be careful and do not become victims of scams. If we receive calls from unfamiliar numbers, please check first.

“If you receive messages from someone claiming to be your friend, please verify first, and if you receive an email asking you to click here, or download an application, please do not click on unfamiliar emails,” he said on Monday night.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on Monday announced that civil servants in Grade 56 and below, including contract appointments, and government retirees, will each receive Aidilfitri BKK amounting to RM500 and RM250 respectively this Friday.

In addition, a total of 8.4 million Malaysians will receive Phase 2 STR payments ranging from RM100 to RM650, which will be credited into their accounts starting this Wednesday.

Regarding Aidilfitri BKK, Fahmi said honestly it was a very good surprise and certainly brought joy to civil servants who will be celebrating Aidilfitri.


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