ISTANBUL, April 20 – Freedom Flotilla’s Break the Siege of Gaza mission will continue despite Israel’s latest conflict with Iran, said Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) spokeswoman Ann Wright.

However, she said the final date of the voyage of the three ships involved in the mission, which was previously scheduled for April 21 (Sunday), may change based on the current situation and circumstances.

“(Currently) All ships will continue to sail according to the original plan (April 21) even though this is a critical moment for the region.

“However, this is also a critical time for the people of Gaza who continue to face the brutality of the Israeli regime.

“Therefore, this mission will continue but all risk assessments will be done again to determine the appropriate date to start the voyage,” she said at the Freedom Flotilla Sails Again press conference.

The ships will carry urgent humanitarian aid, such as medical aid, food packs, clothing, shelter tents and several vehicles, including eight ambulances.


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