PRAGUE, May 24 – Czech President Petr Pavel was released from hospital on Friday for home treatment after a motorcycle mishap.

The presidential office said on Thursday that Pavel was injured while riding a motorcycle. He was admitted to the Military University Hospital Prague “with an injury that is not serious.”

On Friday, the office said on social media platform X that the president’s injury was caused by a fall from a motorcycle at a low speed while practicing off-road driving on a closed circuit.

“President Pavel was released from the hospital this morning for home treatment. His schedule for next week remains unchanged, including the planned foreign trip,” it said.

Pavel, 62, is known for his love of riding a motorcycle.

In April, Pavel was injured in the face during a visit to the southeast Zlin Region. He suffered a minor laceration near his eyebrows while shooting a long gun, but the injury did not require medical treatment, the Czech News Agency reported.


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