A total of 16 new cases of the novel coronavirus were confirmed on the Chinese mainland as of midnight on Sunday, with 14 more deaths, according to China’s National Health Commission.

The total number of confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland stands at 80,860, while the cumulative death toll is now at 3,213.

On the same day, Chinese health authorities said 838 patients were discharged from hospitals, bringing the total number of recovered cases to 67,749.

Another 12 cases of infections contracted outside China were also reported – four registered in Beijing, four in Guangdong Province, two in Shanghai and one respectively in Yunan and Gansu Provinces.

The total number of imported cases originating outside China now stands at 123.

The numbers of confirmed cases in Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and China’s Taiwan region are as follows:

Hong Kong: 148 (84 recovered, 4 dead)

Macao: 10 (10 recovered)

Taiwan: 59 (20 recovered, 1 dead)Previous


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