SINGAPORE, April 30 — Singapore today confirmed an additional 528 new cases of COVID-19 infections, of which only six cases involved Singaporeans or Permanent Residents.

In a statement here, the republic’s Ministry of Health (MOH) noted that it was still working through the details of the cases, and further updates will be shared later in the day.

The ministry however attributed the ‘vast majority’ of today’s cases to dorm residents, thus, bringing the tally for the republic to 16,169 cases.

In a statement issued late Wednesday, the ministry said the number of new cases in the community has decreased, from an average of 25 cases per day in the week before, to an average of 17 per day in the past week.

From Wednesday’s tally of 15,641, Singapore classified 1,192 as community cases, 571 imported cases, and 524 cases involving work permit holders not residing in dorms.

Meanwhile, the ministry said dorm residents dominated the tally by about 85 per cent or 13,354 cases, with most cases showing mild symptoms.


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