JOHOR BAHRU, Aug 18: A bus service across the Causeway began operating last night, hours after a state executive councillor had observed people walking across the Causeway on their way to Singapore.

Mohd Solihan Badri said the service was made possible with the coordination of the agencies involved including Plus Malaysia, the police and the immigration department.

“As soon as the bus service started this evening, it began to rain. Luckily three passengers managed to get on the bus.

“However, as of 6pm, no pedestrians were seen walking from Singapore to Johor, maybe they are still taking shelter at the Customs inspection point in the republic,” he said in a statement.

He said the service would continue tomorrow and the bus frequency would depend on the number of pedestrians.

Mohd Solihan had been at the Customs and Immigration Complex here this morning to observe the start of travel between Malaysia and Singapore by those going to work, on business or on official purposes.

As no public transport services have been allowed across the border, those travelling across the Johor Causeway made their way on foot.

He said the state government would request the Johor Public Transport Corporation to provide bus services for the convenience of travellers and commuters.

“We saw several groups of pedestrians carrying their bags on the Johor Causeway today, we sympathise (with their situation), we will make a request to PAJ to provide bus services to the border of Singapore, with approval from the authorities.

“At the same time, PAJ can ferry travellers entering Malaysia via the Johor Causeway. We will use a small coach bus so that it will be able to make U-turns on the Causeway,” he told reporters after observing border crossings under the schemes.

Mohd Solihan said that from 7am to 9.30am, some 300 people had entered Malaysia through the Causeway.


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