PETALING JAYA, Oct 30 — Nazir Razak, a property tycoon and former chairman of the CIMB Group, has said he is not burdened by being the younger brother of former prime minister Najib Razak.

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, Nazir also acknowledged that he was often referred to as former prime minister Abdul Razak’s son, but said he did not feel burdened by the label as first impressions did not matter.

Instead, he said, he would seek to change people’s impressions of him through his actions or speech.

“You can only play the hand you’re dealt, first impressions will not forever be everything in your life. To me, it’s the ‘second impression’ that is important,” he was reported as saying.

Nazir was previously caught up in the 1MDB scandal following reports that money from the sovereign wealth fund had been transferred into his account.

He took voluntary leave from his position at CIMB in April 2016 for the boards of the bank and CIMB Group to conduct a full review of what transpired.

Assisted by external auditor Ernst & Young and a legal firm, the review concluded that Nazir had not misused the bank’s resources and he was invited back to the boards.

However, Nazir resigned from his position as CIMB group chairman at the end of 2018, before his term was due to end in August 2019.

Last year, Nazir confirmed that Najib had transferred a total of RM25.7 million to an account in his name in 2013.

He said the funds were subsequently disbursed in full cash to Najib’s representatives for what he understood were election campaign purposes, adding that he acted in good faith by obliging his brother’s request for assistance in the 13th general election campaign.


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