Beijing,Dec 19–China has no intention to pick a fight with the U.S., neither in diplomacy, the media or any other field, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Friday during a video conference with the Asia Society. 

Wang also called for cooperation between the world’s two largest economies, adding China’s stance on working with the U.S. remains stable and consistent. 

While China-U.S. cooperation can make great things happen for the two countries and the entire world, China-U.S. confrontation would definitely spell disaster for not only the two countries but also humanity as a whole, Wang noted. 

U.S.’s policy toward China

The goal of China-U.S. engagement is not to mold the other in one’s own image, still less to defeat the other side, but to seek and expand common interests, Wang pointed out. 

The Chinese foreign minister underlined that it would not be “achievable” if the U.S.’s China policy were to “remodel or even subvert China.”

“It is important that the U.S. policy toward China returns to objectivity and sensibility as early as possible,” Wang said.

‘No winners in trade war’

The Chinese foreign minister also urged the U.S. side to stop overstretching the notion of national security and the arbitrary suppression of Chinese companies, while calling those actions “long-arm jurisdiction.”

“There are no winners in trade wars, which only hurt both sides,” Wang said. “What has happened proves that pressuring others with tariffs would only boomerang.”

He said that anything related to trade issues should be solved through “dialogue and consultation” instead of “confrontation and sanctions.”


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