PUTRAJAYA, Feb 11 — The Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) has agreed to give consideration for the special approval of moving in and out within the strata scheme during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

The KPKT, in a statement today, said the application for special approval, however, only applied to those who are in an urgent situation.

“In this regard, individuals and parties involved can submit a written application to the KPKT to apply for this special approval,” it said.

According to the KPKT, the stipulated condition is to submit a rental agreement document that has been terminated or newly-signed or a sale and purchase transaction for a new house or confirmation of moving out of the house by the owner.

Those concerned also need to get approval from the police to cross districts or states; the transfer must have recommendations from the management body of the strata scheme involved; and are non-symptomatic of COVID-19.

The KPKT said the movers involved must be certified healthy, be COVID-19 negative and not have close contacts with any COVID-19 patients as well as declare a specific transfer date and time.

“The Ministry shall give due consideration to this special approval application if it meets all the stipulated conditions,” it said.


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