KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 — Eight resolutions tabled at the MCA Youth’s 56th Annual Meeting of the General Assembly (AGM) were unanimously passed today.

The resolutions covering a range of issues on party and Youth affairs, politics, government, economy and education were approved by 322 delegates after being debated by 10 delegates from 10 states.

The assembly held in a virtual as well as physical format at Wisma MCA here saw the attendance of 51 people while the rest maintained an online presence.

The resolution, among others, called on the government to reduce the income tax rate to help alleviate the people’s burden.

In addition, delegates also approved a resolution for entrepreneurship assistance to be expanded and loans to youth group be increased to enable them to expand their online business.

The Youth wing also urged the government to provide grants which will allow young workers to undergo training to upgrade their skills.

On Youth affairs resolution, the wing urged that they be given more opportunities to contest in the upcoming general election (GE) and called on its members to immediately reach out to young voters in preparation for Undi 18 (age limit eligibility of voters reduced from 21 to 18) in facing GE15.

The assembly also passed a political resolution which, among others, called on politicians to set aside their differences, stop bickering and to be together in the fight against COVID and in reviving the nation’s economy.

The delegates also called on all party members to unite to face the upcoming GE.


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