KUCHING, April 29 ― Over RM16 million has been allocated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for two hospitals in Sarawak to acquire more equipment to cope with the pandemic, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.

Malaysiakini reported that more manpower has also been mobilised for Sarawak, which is seeing a spike in the number of new Covid-19 infections.

Dr Adham told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur that RM7.7 million was being channelled to the Sarawak General Hospital to acquire 22 new ventilators and 15 ultrasound machines, among others.

The Sibu Hospital has been allocated RM9.18 million for the acquisition of 13 intensive care unit (ICU) beds, 13 ventilators, five high flow nasal cannulas and syringe pumps.

“Currently, there are eight hospitals in Sarawak that treat Covid-19 cases with a total of 914 beds. At this juncture, the average rate of occupancy is at 68 per cent.

“There are also 38 low-risk quarantine centres and three other centres for detainees with a total of 6,523 beds.

“The total number of beds for Covid-19 cases in Sarawak is at 7,347 with an average usage of 58 per cent,” said Adham.

He also explained out of 155 ICU beds for Sarawak, 80 have been designated for Covid-19 patients.

The state also has 206 ventilators of which 30 are in use for Covid-19 patients.

“Following the increase in the number of cases in Sarawak, we have carried out internal mobilisation of staff in the state involving 143 medical staff ranging from specialists, medical officers and nurses.

“On top of this, 377 others from Sabah and the peninsula have also been mobilised for Sarawak including 108 medical officers, 150 nurses and 40 medical assistants,” he added. ― Borneo Post


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