KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 — Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang has asked the Health Ministry today to consider allowing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to be used in handling Covid-19, joining a similar call by his DAP colleague Teresa Kok yesterday.

He said recent news reports on the usage of TCM in China have allegedly touched on its supposed “success” in purportedly managing the coronavirus and pandemic.

“Would the Ministry of Health support its use for our patients who wish to have TCM?” he asked in his statement with nine questions on the new movement control order (MCO).

“I am asking these questions and hope to get its response, so that Malaysians are kept informed of the latest developments.”

Yesterday, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok also made claim of the apparent success of using TCM to handle Covid-19 in China, suggesting that it could possibly relieve the pressure on the national health system which is expected to worsen due to the surge in cases.

While there have been research papers published on the usage of TCM in handling Covid-19 patients in China, there has been no scientific evidence yet of its efficacy and the MOH does not recognise it as a viable treatment.

Scientific magazine Nature had last year reported that the Chinese government is heavily promoting TCM as treatment, and is even sending it to countries including Iran and Italy as international aid.

It also reported that scientists outside China however said that it is dangerous to support therapies that have yet to be proved safe and effective.

In its statement, Lim also added that all Malaysians are very concerned over the pandemic, as many are suffering badly from its effects.

“Some from loss of lives and those of their loved ones, while others from loss of jobs and income. I have even heard of people sleeping in their cars or motor bike as they dare not go home because they have no money to pay their rent.

“Malaysians are suffering and wish for this infection to go away as soon as possible. It is the rich who do not mind the movement control order. For the poor living in a small flat, staying at home for hours with eight to 10 others, they are suffering too,” he said.

The DAP veteran said the nation needs to strengthen its two key tools against Covid-19, which are, targeted lockdowns and aggressive vaccination, without turning them into a charade.

“Let us all work together to end this Covid-19 crisis. Malaysians are suffering. I hear and see their pain. Not a day longer than necessary please,” he said.( MALAYMAIL )


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