KOTA BHARU, May 12 — The Kelantan State Health Department (JKNK) today urged members of the public not to gather at vaccination centres in the hope of being inoculated in a ‘walk-in’ manner.

Kelantan JKNK director Datuk Dr Zaini Hussin said the commotion that took place at the centre set up at Dewan Sri Guchil, Kuala Krai yesterday, was due to individuals who had gathered to get the injection in place of individuals who did not show up for their appointments.

He said the individuals shown gathered in the viral post did not have an appointment to receive the jab.

“Today we have asked for help from Rela (People’s Volunteer Corps) to have tighter control there,” he said when met during a visit to the Gelanggang Seni Low-Risk COVID-19 Quarantine and Treatment Centre (PKRC) here, today.

According to Dr Zaini, the department did have a mechanism in place to find replacements for those who did not show up for their shots.

“In this situation, usually the person called to replace the absentee is in the same category, namely those aged 60 and above,” he said.


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