PUTRAJAYA, Aug 3 —  Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin today virtually launched the Urban Community Farming Policy (DKKB) to serve as a guide to regulate and propel urban farming in the country.

It outlines five thrusts and 17 strategies which are in line with regulations and procedures currently enforced by local government authorities.

According to Zuraida, DKKB would ensure effective urban landscape management,  involving joint responsibilities between local authorities and the local community, with emphasis on the importance of optimising use of land in the neighbourhood or permitted open spaces.

She said the policy is an initiative to empower the urban communities and create opportunities and rooms for individuals and communities to manage the short-term social economy by encouraging organic vegetable faming.

DKKB is also aimed at ensuring the public knows the do’s and don’t’s, she added.

She said it also reflected the government’s commitment in ensuring the continuity of the community farming programme carried out by residents of the People’s Housing Project (PPR)  through the  Muafakat Komuniti Secretariat to achieve the objective of one PPR one community farm.


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