KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 — A number of iconic sights in Kuala Lumpur will be illuminated with the colours of Uzbekistan’s national flag on Wednesday to commemorate the country’s 30th anniversary of Independence.

Uzbek Embassy in Kuala Lumpur in a statement to Bernama said the venues are Saloma Link bridge (7 pm-12 am) and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (10 pm-11.30 pm).

The campaign also includes a LED-screen in front of the Petronas Twin Towers which will be lit up every five minutes from 6 am to 12 am on Sept 1 until 7.

The embassy said the feat will long be remembered and will greatly contribute towards strengthening the friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of Malaysia and Uzbekistan as well as promoting tourism potential and cultural heritage of the two countries.

“This simple action will serve as a reminder to the Uzbek community in this country that they are surrounded by a hospitable and supportive Malaysian community with whom they can share their national heritage and culture,” the statement said.

The embassy pointed out that the national flag of Uzbekistan, which features four main colours – blue, white, green and red, has a connection with the country’s historical and cultural heritage.

“The blue stripe is the symbol of the sky and water, which are the main source of life.  Historically blue was also the colour of the state flag of Amir Temur, a founder of a great empire with the capital in Samarkand, a UNESCO World Heritage City. He is also well-known as a great statesman and ruler, patron of science, culture and arts.

“White is a traditional symbol of peace, good luck and noble aspirations of the Uzbek people. Green symbolises nature, new life and prosperity. While the two thin red stripes stand for the power of life.

“A white crescent reflects the national independence of the republic. The crescent along with twelve stars signify the historical and spiritual traditions of the Uzbek people, as well as ancient solar calendar,” the embassy said.


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