KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 — Educational institutions under the Ministry of Education (MOE) in states that have moved to the next phase of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) will operate two weeks after the transition takes place.

MOE, in a statement today said this applies to states such as Johor, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan which moved to the next phase of PPN today.

In Johor, the opening of educational institutions will begin on Oct 10, based on regulations for states under Phase Two of PPN.

The opening of educational institutions in Pahang will remain on Oct 4, under Phase Two of PPN, but they will operate based on Phase Three regulations beginning Oct 11.

Educational institutions in Negri Sembilan will also resume operations on Oct 4 based on regulations for states under Phase Three of PPN before the change to Phase Four regulations from Oct 18.

Meanwhile, the statement said the National Security Council had allowed Form Six semester two students and IGCSE O-Level students in states that are still under Phase One of PPN to attend schools without rotation.

Therefore, it said the operation of educational institutions involving this group of students in Kedah will begin on Oct 10 while other students will continue with home-based teaching and learning.

Educational institutions in Langkawi will resume operations based on Phase Four regulations on Oct 3 following the announcement of the island as a destination of the tourism bubble pilot project.

MOE said educational institutions in states that are not involved the phase transition will operate based on the regulations announced on Sept 12.

The ruling also applies to all educational institutions that are not registered with the MOE, including those under state governments.


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