SINGAPORE, Oct 23 — Malaysia will be upgraded to Category III from Category IV by Singapore as part of its regular review of the COVID-19 situation.

This means all travellers from Malaysia will serve their 10-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at their declared place of residence or accommodation in Singapore from Oct 27, 2021.

It is regardless of the travellers’ and their household members’ vaccination status and travel history, according to the republic’s Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) on COVID-19 today.

Besides Malaysia, Cambodia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Mongolia, Qatar, Rwanda, Samoa, Seychelles, South Africa, Tonga, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Vietnam, will also be placed in the same Category III.

Singapore has started classifying countries or regions under four categories in August this year with the higher vaccination rates providing a foundation for the country to introduce vaccination-differentiated border measures for travellers.

Malaysia’s COVID-19 situation has improved significantly with 94.4 per cent of the adult population in the country having completed their COVID-19 vaccination as of Friday.

In a press release detailing the measures, MTF said that by default, they will not be allocated accommodation in any dedicated SHN facilities.”

“Returning residents should ensure that alternative accommodation is secured prior to their return if their homes are unsuitable for their SHN,” it said.

However, MTF noted that if travellers were residing with unvaccinated vulnerable household members, they were strongly encouraged to serve their SHN in isolation in a room, and minimise contact with their vulnerable household members.

On testing procedures, Category III travelers are no longer required to undergo additional Antigen Rapid Test (ARTs) on the 3rd and 7th days of their arrival, during their SHN.

This includes travellers who arrived from Oct 22.

All travellers from Category III will also no longer need to undergo an on-arrival Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, and will only undergo an end of SHN exit PCR test.

However, Long-Term Pass Holders (LTPHs) with passes issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) may have to comply with additional requirements and measures.

“We will continue to adjust our border measures as the global situation evolves, so that we will reconnect with the world and reinstate our economic position globally,” said the Taskforce.

Travellers, who are not Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or LTPHs, may enter Singapore for short-term visits only if they are arriving from Category I, unless if arrangements have been separately announced such as Vaccinated Travel Lanes or Reciprocal Green Lanes.


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