KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 —  The Education Ministry (MOE) is looking into making it standard practice for essential spaces in schools to be located on higher floors to minimise damage during floods. 

Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said they include the administration office, teachers’ room, computer room and textbook storage room. 

He said from what has been shared on Facebook, many schools which had never been bit by floods before were not spared from the recent floods.

“This morning we went to Bentong, Pahang for a gotong royong clean up session of SMK Bentong. I was informed that this is the first time SMK Bentong was hit by floods, in which floodwaters almost reached the second floor. 

“All furniture and equipment on the ground floor were badly damaged, including those in the teachers’ room and computer room,” he said.

Radzi thanked all parties involved in the gotong-royong session which was participated by teachers, school support staff, Guru Pewaris Negara volunteers, non-governmental organisations and the Malaysian Armed Forces. 

He added that the MOE will ensure infrastructure maintenance work and the replacement of furniture is expedited. 


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