KANGAR, March 24 – The Raja of Perlis  Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail today advised the people in the state to fully understand the principles of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

He said key leaders, the state government’s administrative machinery, officers and support staff, as well as all those  living and working in Perlis, should work hard to strengthen the teachings of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

“In performing our daily religious obligations in Perlis, we are not  obsessed with mazhab, but always strives to comply with the Quran and Sunnah,” said the Raja of Perlis when closing the state-level quran recital competition here last night.

Present were the Raja Perempuan of Perlis Tuanku Tengku Fauziah Tengku Abdul Rashid, the Raja Muda of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail and the Raja Puan Muda of Perlis Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil.

Also present were Perlis Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azlan Man, state Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin and membersd of the state executve council (exco).

Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin  also expressed the need for enforcement of the Perlis Islamic Religious Administration Enactment and role of religious agencies in the state to be strengthened.

To ensure the good practices are always given priority in the state, he said, the Perlis Islamic Religious Department (JAIPs) and the Perlis Mufti Department should always help, provide guidance and assist those who want to learn, read and memoriise the Quran.

“It is my hope that the people will make time to learn, read and memorise the Quran,” he added.


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