PUTRAJAYA, May 29 — The Education Ministry (MOE) is studying the long-standing issue of teachers serving as hostel wardens to improve the position, including raising the allowance, its Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said.

“We know hostel wardens are wondering what approach will be taken by the ministry and like I said previously, we will view the matter comprehensively, we want to resolve this issue once and for all, but there are certain limitations we are trying to fix.

“We know that when they are appointed wardens, they are worse off from the aspect of allowance, so it’s better off for them not to be wardens. This is the matter we’re trying to address,” he told the media at the ministry’s Open Day and Aidilfitri event here today.

There have been parties that have urged the MOE to review the allowance of hostel wardens that are allegedly too low, at RM240 a month, which was deemed not commensurate with the 24-hour daily duty required.

“So there are technical matters we need to discuss with the central agency and we are resolving it, it will take a bit of time,” he said.

On the Open Day and Aidilfitri event, Radzi said over 25,000 guests showed up.

“We have taken a different approach for Syawal celebrations, instead of having an open house we have this get-together together with an open day to showcase what the ministry has to offer and also for Malaysians to feedback to us regarding education in Malaysia,” he added.


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