BANGKOK,  June 24 — The wearing of face masks in outdoors and open areas in Thailand is no longer compulsory.

As the COVID-19 situation in the kingdom continues to improve, the government has lifted its mask mandate with immediate effect, according to an announcement  published in the Royal Gazette on Thursday.

“The use of face masks are now on voluntary basis,” the announcement read.

However,  the Public Health Ministry advised people to wear masks at crowded places or in areas where ventilation is poor.

Masks have been compulsory in public in Thailand, including outdoors, since mid-2021 to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Besides that, the announcement said vulnerable and high risk groups – including people aged 60 and above, pregnant women, and persons with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or chronic kidney disease – are advised to wear masks.

Meanwhile, the announcement also stated that entertainment venues, including pubs, bars and eateries selling alcohol, are allowed to resume their pre-COVID closing hours – either midnight, 1am or 2am – with adherence to the regulations.

Before this, the businesses could only operate and serve alcohol until midnight.

Over the last 24 hours,  Thailand recorded 2,313 new COVID-19 cases  and 16 deaths.  To date, Thailand recorded 4,509,541 cases and 30,559 fatalities. 


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