LANGKAWI, Aug 7 — Residents of Langkawi, as well as people with disabilities (PwDs) and senior citizens will continue to enjoy special rate on their ferry ticket when making online purchase by Oct 1 after Konsortium Ferry Line Ventures Sdn Bhd completes upgrading its online system.

Its Human Resources and Operations manager, Captain Dr Baharin Baharom said there would, however, be a surcharge of RM1 when they buy the tickets online.

Currently, the Langkawi residents, PwDs and senior citizens get to enjoy the special rate only when purchasing the tickets directly at the counter.

Once our online system has been upgraded, they can enjoy the special rate even when purchasing the tickets online, but will be required to pay the RM1 surcharge, he told a press conference last night.

Last Thursday, Langkawi Ferry Line Ventures, which operates seven ferries, announced an increase of additional RM3 to RM3.50 for Malaysians on the ferry fares for the Langkawi ferry service.

The return fare from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi for adults will now be set at RM21, compared to RM18 currently, while a return trip from Kuala Kedah will cost RM26.50, compared to RM23 previously.

Foreigners will have to fork out more, at RM27 per adult for a Kuala Perlis roundtrip, an increase of RM9, and RM19.50 for children, an increase of RM6.50.

Local Langkawi residents taking the ferry from Kuala Perlis will continue to pay RM15 for adults and RM13 for senior citizens and PwDs.

The further Kuala Kedah line will now cost RM26.50 for local adults, an increase of RM3.50, while Langkawi residents will continue to pay RM20 per adult. Foreigners will have to pay RM34.50, an increase of RM11.50, the highest fare hike recorded.

The fares were adjusted for the first time in 15 years following an increase in maintenance costs and general prices of goods.        


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