JOHOR BAHRU, Sept 9 — Owners of premises in buildings in Johor have the discretion to decide the protocol on the wearing of face masks in their premises.

State Health and Unity Committee chairman Ling Tian Soon said the state government, however,  strongly encouraged the public to continue to wear face masks, especially when in crowded places, such as night market, stadiums, shopping mall and houses of worship.

He said individuals with symptoms, high risk and low immunity, as well as pregnant mothers, should continue to wear the face mask when in public places.

“The state government will continue to assist the Ministry of Health in monitoring the COVID-19 situation,  as well as ensuring the readiness of health services,” he said in a statement today.

Ling said the public’s awareness of the importance of practicing preventive measures contributed to the drop in COVID-19 cases and stabilised the health service system with the low admission rate to hospitals and intensive care units (ICU).

He said the usage of non-critical COVID-19 beds in the state was 21.6 percent with 117 patients, while only three percent of them or six patients using ventilators, as of last Wednesday.

As for ICU beds, he said the usage was 32 per cent, involving seven patients, he added.


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