PUTRAJAYA, Nov 26 — The Human Resource Ministry (KSM) today announced the employment of foreign workers for the land warehouse sub-sector.

In a statement, KSM said this is in line with the decision of the Joint Committee Meeting between the Home Minister and Minister of Human Resources on the management of foreign workers on July 18.

KSM also said that the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) as the regulatory agency for the wholesale and retail sub-sector also agreed to expand the conditions or criteria for the eligibility of foreign worker employment quotas under the sub-sector to retail traders with a floor area space of less than 2,500 square metres.

Accordingly, KSM said the new quota application for the employment of foreign workers for both sub-sectors has been opened and applications can be made by employers on the website www.fwcms.com.my.

KSM said further inquiries can be made through KSM’s Migrant Worker Management Division at 03-88852939/2940 and email oscksm@mohr.gov.my.

Inquiries can also be made by contacting the regulatory agency which is the Trade Logistics Unit, Strategic and International Planning Division of the Ministry of Transport at hasrina@mot.gov.my (03-88921278) or m_hafiz@mot.gov.my (03-88921268) for the land warehouse sub-sector.

For the wholesale and retail sub-sector, contact the KPDNHEP’s Distributive Trade and Services Industry secretariat via spip@kpdnhep.gov.my.


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