BANGKOK,  Feb 25 – Thailand has called on all parties to step up the diplomatic effort to engage in dialogues to achieve a peaceful negotiated settlement as an exit to the Russia-Ukraine conflict as Friday marked one year since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Delivering the Explanation of Vote before the 11th Emergency Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations Dr Suriya Chindawongse said the war in Ukraine represents an unprecedented and most dangerous challenge that threatens the geopolitical, financial, economic, security, and collective balance of the world at large.

He said Thailand reiterates its unequivocal adherence to the United Nation (UN) Charter, both in letter and spirit, as well as to international law as the nonarbitrary point of reference for standards of conduct of nations.

Thailand upholds the people’s rights to live in safety with their basic well-being as universal and nonnegotiable, humanitarian consideration must not be politicized and discriminatory.

“We urge the United Nations to dispense its best and most earnest effort in preventive diplomacy to safeguard these basic human rights around the world, and not to become a part of the morality play that turns very complex situations into simple binaries of good and evil, followed by finger pointing and condemnations.

“Utmost efforts should be carried out to create conducive environments for engagement and dialogues to settle disputes once they erupt, rather than adding fuel to the fire,” he said.

On Thursday, Thailand and 140 more countries voted to call for an end to war in Ukraine and demanded Russia’s immediate withdrawal from the country. The resolution was opposed by seven countries including North Korea and Syria while another 32 abstentions, including China and India.


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