PUTRAJAYA, Sept 21 — The government does not interfere in the foreign worker employment process especially in the selection of workers and their country of origin by employers, said Human Resources Minister V Sivakumar.

In response to a recent news portal article concerning foreign workers from Bangladesh, he said employers will determine selection of workers and the source of country based on their suitability in adapting to the nature of work of their respective industries.

“The ministry has always maintained an approach that the employment of foreign workers is subject to the principle of prioritising local workers and the demand from employers, depending on their actual needs based on criteria determined by the government according to sectors.

“As a trading nation, the government acknowledges the contribution of foreign workers in helping the growth and development of the nation’s economy,” he said in a statement today adding that Malaysia has 14 other source countries aside from Bangladesh for employers to choose foreign workers. 

Sivakumar said there was a misunderstanding regarding the recruitment process and the quota allocation from the country, and therefore made a clarification as it reflects negatively on foreign workers employment process and procedures in the country.  

He emphasised that human suffering should not be tolerated or compromised particularly on the rights and welfare of workers.

It was reported that a migrant rights activist has expressed concern regarding the number of Bangladeshi coming into Malaysia with many of them was said end up stranded upon arrival.  


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