SEOUL, April 12 – South Korea’s liberal opposition bloc won more than three-fifths of seats in the country’s parliamentary elections, the National Election Commission said on Thursday.

The main liberal opposition Democratic Party took 161 directly contested constituency seats, while its satellite party secured 14 proportional representation (PR) slots, with 99.99 percent of the votes counted.

The minor liberal Rebuilding Korea Party earned 12 PR seats, while the minor center-left New Future Party and the minor leftist Progressive Party gained one seat each in electoral districts.

The number of parliamentary seats taken by the broader liberal bloc totaled 189.

The ruling conservative People Power Party and its sister party obtained 90 constituency seats and 18 PR seats each.

The minor center-right New Reform Party secured one constituency seat and two PR seats.

The quadrennial election for 300 members of the National Assembly was carried out at 14,259 voting stations across the country on Wednesday, allowing voters to cast ballots for 254 constituency seats and 46 PR slots.


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