PUTRAJAYA, July 31 — Re-entry of debris from China’s Long March 5B rocket into the Earth’s atmosphere was detected at 12.55 am Sunday (July 31), according to the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA).

MYSA, through continuous monitoring by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and a statement from the China Space Agency, informed that the rocket debris had caught fire while entering the Earth’s atmosphere and the movement of the burning debris also crossed Malaysia’s airspace and could be detected in several areas including Sarawak’s airspace.

“The debris were recorded falling around the Sulu Sea, in the area between latitude 9.1 degrees North and longitude 119.0 degrees East, today,” MYSA said in a statement here.

The matter went viral on social media with netizens sharing video recordings believed to be on the debris of the rocket that happened above Kuching, Sarawak early this morning.


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